MPA is an association of micronations interested in promoting postal systems for small nations. The MPA is the primary forum for cooperation between postal services of micronations. It helps to ensure a network of up-to-date products and services for member nations. The organization has an advisory role, and provides technical assistance when needed.  The government of any nation may join the Micronational Postal Association.


The Micronation Postal Association is an NGO that helps micronations promote and improve their postal systems.  Stamps are important because they tell the story of a nation.  Stamps celebrate national heroes, events and leaders.  Stamps are works of art.  Stamps promote a nation. Stamps can also build international relationships and attract tourists.  


Postal services provide an inexpensive means of communication with people around the world.  They connect communities and getting mail is fun.  Postal services are also used to send documents and items that require a signature or cannot be sent electronically. They provide a secure way to transfer information, documents, and payments. Postal services also offer tracking services to ensure that packages and letters are delivered safely and on time. Some micronational postal services also offer services such as money orders, stamps, and other helpful services.


Such as this West Who postage stamp that commemorates Voyager 1 the first spacecraft to leave our solar system and travel into interstellar space.

                   World Post Day is celebrated each year on 9 October.

                                             Mail a letter to a micronational friend to celebrate your nation's postal service.



Micronation Postal Association 2020
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